Welcome to my home page chicas!Β Screenshot_20170611-133431_1

This photo just offers a glimpse into my life and a wee peek at my absolute favourite things right now!

From the traditional Spanish tiles you can see that my current homeplace is Spain, Barcelona to be exact, and what an amazing city it is! A year of ‘let’s see what this is like’ quickly turned into 4 and hasn’t stopped yet…

I am thoroughly obsessed with all things Cath Kidston and Accessorize as you can see from every purse/glasses case/ metro card holder and anything else I can wrangle into my oversized Mary Poppins handbag!

I adore my Fuji Instax mini 8 polaroid camera in baby blue, which was a gift and has been travelling with me as far and wide as I have been!

Currently loving all things striped and pom pom’d so as you can see this new outerwear from Zara is a big hit with me! As are my Zara Kids sandals ( I have ridiculously tiny feet and often find myself creeping into the childrens’ section, browsing, buying and pretending they are for a friend’s child and not infact my 28 year old self)!

A little bit of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle is my signature scent and I may sometimes catch myself dreaming about being Miss Knightly in the advert scooting off on my moto in an exotic European city! Ha!

Lastly, I share with you my favourite cup, a gift from a wonderful friend (we all need them girls) who knows my big love of quotes and so I leave you with this one…

Start each day with a positive thought…


The Wee Wanderer x o x